Common Signs Of A Possum Infestation In Brisbane Homes

Scavengers of many kinds inhabit metropolitan areas, entering homes to search for food in the trash cans. Some people can endanger the locals, but others recognize their position and do not attempt to cause trouble with people. The possum is one of them.

Living in Brisbane, you are probably aware of how common possums are in the area. Their adorable appearance should not deceive you; these animals may be a threat to your household. What you should know is as follows.

What are Possums?

Throughout Australia, possums are common four-legged arboreal marsupials. Typically, they have round eyes, long tails, and huge, pointed ears. The most common of these creatures, common brushtail possums are between 32 and 58 CM long. Being nocturnal creatures, possums enjoy hiding under trees.

Ringtail and brushtail possums are the two different species of possums. The typical appearance of a ringtail possum is a cream-colored tummy and white patches below the eyes. It is well known that ringtails use their prehensile tails to improve their movement.

Possum infestation indicators in Brisbane homes:

Being creatures of night, possums would rather avoid human sight. As a result, it’s possible that you won’t be able to see the bug on your property to verify the infestation.

The following indicators will help you identify possum presence on your property:

Your property may have exterior damage such as ripped soffit, broken gutters, torn shingles, and more.
Pet food disappears, and food goods pour across the floor. Cat food has a strong attraction for possums. Verify the pest’s existence if you notice that the animal’s food is regularly going missing.
There might be some loud scratching sounds. Additionally, if you notice scratches in larger areas on the walls and flooring, you can verify a possum infestation.

Brisbane’s Rapid Possum Removal Services:

Considering their diminutive size, possums get aggressive when they perceive a threat. They can do serious harm to your belongings and disperse unpleasant waste odours. Possum faces contain bacteria that might cause major medical problems; thus, they must be removed.

Additionally, possums are hosts to fleas and ticks that can infect your cherished pets. Call Possum Removal Brisbane professionals right away if you notice any indications that possums are living on your property.

Motives for Hiring Professionals in Possum Removal?

Individuals are not attacked or harmed by possums. But as soon as you become aware of their presence on your Brisbane property, don’t hesitate to contact our Possum Catcher Brisbane for expert assistance.

Because of the risk of cuts and injuries from the razor-sharp jaws and claws, we do not recommend removing the possums on yourself. Because of this, you should get in touch with possum removal experts from a reputable Brisbane firm to handle the situation in a secure and efficient manner.

In Brisbane, we provide emergency possum removal services. Our professionals will arrive at your Brisbane house in an hour after your planned service has been verified. You can reach us at any time, and on the morning of your appointment, we’ll give you first-rate service.


  1. Do possums transmit illnesses?

Ans: It is true that possums can transmit a variety of illnesses, including toxoplasmosis, spotted-foot syndrome, tuberculosis, and Chagas disease.

  1. Which repellents work best against possums?

Ans: Strong smells like ammonia, mothballs, and garlic terrify possums. These items could be used to ward off possums.

  1. Do you offer possum removal emergency solutions?

Ans: Yes, if you want to get rid of possums from your house or property,

Call Female Choice Pest Control professionals right away if you notice any indications that possums are living on your property. Female Choice Pest Control is open 24/7!