Frequently Asked Questions about Pest Control


How can I protect my house from pests?

Protection is always in your hand because in regular life only you face with such uninvited guests and their medium made by you. So keeps your foodstuffs always covered in air tight containers, keep your areas clean with vacuum and always keep watch wooden items if there any termite signs and all.

What chemicals do pest controllers use?

Health should be hazard free that is our most focus part and it should take care by us by using variety of pest control products which works against chemical barriers, physical barrier, and other monitoring systems and this made us too much eco-friendly.

Can I expect instant results?

Yes but pests control treatment doesn’t give instant result but you may watch how pests level will be decreased day by day in your life.

Is Pest Control Treatment safe for my family and pets?

All products used by Female Choice Pests Control Team Brisbane are 100% safe for your kids, pets and we assure this for those customer who having allergy issue and suffering from air attack problem like asthma and all completely safe for children, pets and are safe to be worked around people suffering from asthma and other allergies.